Anti-Islamic signboard being just moved to Eden Café front despite municipal authority’s instruction for total removal in Yatsauk, Shan State, Myanmar

19th June 2015
Reported by Thiha


On 15th June 2015, a signboard with the title of “Islam Free (No Islam) Zone 1” was posted at over 3 PM in a place called Zawgyi Turn, Oattantar Block, Yatsauk (Lawsawk) Township, Shan State, Myanmar.

At both corners of the signboard were two copies of the flag of Buddhism and the following three statements were written on it.

muslim free zone

(1) Muslims are not allowed to stay overnight in this place;
(2) Muslims are not allowed to rent, sell or buy lands and housing in this place; and
(3) Muslims are not allowed to get married with Buddhists.

The group who made it mentioned themselves as Zawgyi Turn Patriot Group.

Regarding it, M-Media had posted a piece of news with the title ‘Causes behind the issue of anti-Islamic signboard in Yatsauk, Shan State, Myanmar’ on 17 June 2015.
Friday Times, a local news journal, reported that township administrative authority had instructed to remove the signboard as it included religious hatred words as well as no permission request was applied for posting it, referring to township municipal officer’s statement.


It was known that the anti-Islamic signboard was taken out from originally positioned place in the evening of 16 Jun. Afterwards, on 17 Jun, two same copies of that signboard were placed at the front of Tun Eden Café in the morning.
“U Nyan Linn Oo, a government township communication officer, and Ko Tun Tun, Tun Eden Café owner, are leading anti-Islamic activities under Ma Ba Tha, Committee of Protection of Nationality and Religion, (born from 969 movement). Local authorities are asked to take effective action on their unlawful activities to prevent problem happening,” a local Muslim resident told M-Media.

“Actually, Yatsauk is one army-based township of Ba Htoo Military Area. It shouldn’t be at all frankly triggering sparks to cause problems amongst different religious communities. Muslim minority community, who have lived peacefully in Yatsauk for years, now suffering insecurity all the time. We demands responsible authorities to control such illegal actions effectively”, he added.

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