Myanmar Muslims prepare to help fire victims

7th February,2016
Translated by Aung Thura

Myanmar Muslims are preparing to support the victims of Namsang fire. Fire broke out in Namsang City of northern Shan Sate on 4th February.

Two hundreds houses were completely destroyed by the fire and nearly 1500 people from three hundreds households were displaced.

Mandaly branch of Jamiat Ulama El-Islam issued a statement yesterday in which they urge Muslim residents to participate in their rehabilitation efforts to be carried out coming days by donating foods, clothes and cashes.

Organized by Ulama’s Education and Social Welfare committee, 6 phone numbers of different persons and places were mentioned in that statement for Myanmar Muslims to easily connect and participate in an effort aimed to give a hand to their fellow citizens.

Other Mandalay based non-profit organization, Islamic Social Welfare Group, are working to start a donation trip to the affected area in cooperation with Mosques, Islamic Organizations and community service organizations across the city.

In its statement, Islamic Social Welfare Group mentioned five places to collect emergency aid such as clothes, hygiene kits, foods and cash and called Muslims to join humanitarian work for their unfortunate brother and sisters.

Islam Youth Association from Muse, a city of Shan State, announced from their Facebook that they are speeding up their effort to reach an aid to venerable people as soon as possible and encouraged Muslims to participate in their work through four mobile numbers. Later, they also updated cash donations from some Muslims.


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