In Myanmar, some Buddhist monks behave like gang stars against Muslims

17th April 2017
Aung Thu Ra

– Today is a New Year’s Day of  Myanmar calendar. Most of the Myanmar people welcome the New Year doing good deeds.

But some extremist Buddhist monks behave like gang stars.

A group called themselves as Union of Nationalist Monks seized properties of Muslim seller who sell sunglasses in the public market place near famous Shwedagon Pagoda of commercial capital Yangon and expelled him claiming Muslims have no right to do business around the Buddhist sacred places.

extremist Buddhist monk Thu Seitta proudly posted their racist activity in his Facebook page


Thu Saitta, one member of that unregistered group, proudly posted their racist activity with number of photos and wrote they are doing this as a fulfilment of national duty.

Within9 hours, the post received over 23,000 likes and reactions, 1,321 shares including infamous extremist monk Wira Thu and 1,148 comments—most of them supporting expelling Muslims from public market place around pagodas.

This is not the first time Myanmar’s Muslims was driven out of the public market places. At least three Muslims faced these racial injustices from the same group and one Muslim was even beaten by monks.


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