Myanmar Muslims welcome Ramadan praying in the heavy rain as lack of Holy Houses

28th, May 2017

– Photos show Muslims in suburb of former capital Yangon performing their Tharawih prayer to mark first day of holy month of Ramadan in the heavy rain due to lack of places of worship.

These photos were taken from a Mosque in Dawpone Township last night. The Mosque was overcrowded after Muslims from nearby Tharkayta Township arriving to fulfill their religious duty as they don’t have places of worship in their neighborhood leading some people  from congregation to perform in heavy rain.

In early May, Buddhist extremists have seized Tharkayta Township and forced authorities to seal off two Islamic schools used as temporary places of worship.

Since the establishment of Tharkayta Township, local Muslims have used those Mandarasas to fulfill their daily religious duties for not having a permit to build a Mosque.

Photo Credit – Facebook Page of Htun Naing Oo

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