In Myanmar – Hate based Anti-Muslim statement spread by some officials

14th, September 2017

– A police sub-inspector and some administrative officials are being investigated for spreading anti-Muslim rumors, Thailand based Burmese version media DVB reported.

A statement called “How to Defense Jjhad” has been printed out and distributed by a ward administrator and six 100 Houses Group Elders in Insein Township, eastern Yangon on September 10 after receiving a Viber message from a police sub-inspector, Win Hlaing. Others ward administrators also received the message from Win Hlaing.

In the statement, Muslims and Islam are described as a threat to The State using groundless accusations and made-up stories. And it also incited to fight against Mslims.

In recent days, “How to Defense Jjhad” statement was widely spread among the citizens via messaging software such as Facebook and Viber.

Source – DVB

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