Cartoon shows hatred against Rohingya community

18th, September 2017

Photo Credit – Facebook page of Sayar Aww P Kyal

– This is a cartoon of prominent Myanmar cartoonist Sayar Aww P Kyal posted in his official Facebook page ‘Apk Cartoonist’ this morning.

In his drawing, titled ‘Tears of Alligators’,Rohingyas are described as alligators and ethnic Rakhine people as victims of those vicious animals. Sayar Aww P Kyala also depicts alligators are crying for help before the media meaning Rohingyas are pretending that they are being oppressed and driven out of their native land.

This cartoon is the iceberg of hatred that deeply entrenched in Buddhist people of Myanmar over Rohingya community, likely to be result of decades of systematic propaganda by military dictators.

Most of Myanmar people are not trying to separate Rohingya militants and civilians. Rohingya villagers were also targeted by militants in recent unrest.

There are many narratives, cartoons and articles that depict Rohingya minority as evil even though they have been living under military oppression for decades like other minorities.

This cartoon post received over 6.1k likes and reactions, 3,316 shares and 95 comments— nearly all of them supporting depiction during first 10 hours.

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