Shwe Kyi of WSJ: Is he a Muslim Leader in Burma ?

14th September 2013


The Wall Street Journal published Myanmar Muslim related news captioned “Radical Buddhist Monk, Muslim Leader Reach Peace Agreement in Myanmar” yesterday in which U Wirathu referred as Radical monk and Diamond Shwe Kyi as Muslim Leader.

WSJ’s article is all about shocking wrong and it makes numb to the Muslim people in Burma since it refers Shwe Kyi as Muslim Leader. Shwe Kyi, the name never heard by the Muslims, has just come out with 969 movement and got introduced by U Wirathu himself as his supporter.

His relationship with Wirathu is apparently a deep one and he also appears occasionally at Wirathu’s monastery for international media interviews.

Myanmar Muslim health professional and activist, Min Thu sent an open letter to WSJ for their relative unawareness of Shwe Kyi’s position to the Muslims in Burma. He said, “WSJ’s article is nothing but throw the people a curve ball. It’s writer Shibani Mahtani, once wrote about 969 stickers during her trip for WEF in Naypyidaw, should carefully examine the relationship between Shwe Kyi and the Muslims and compare it with his relationship with Wirathu, since she has got the strong interests for Muslims in Burma.”

Thu’s open letter is as follows:

Shwe Kyi is neither Myanmar Muslim leader nor activist!!!
(Open Letter to the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board)

Dear Editorial board of the Wall Street Journal,

Peace be upon you all. I’m a 27-year-old Myanmar Muslim public health profession. Also, I’ve volunteered in many activities of Myanmar Muslim Community. I really appreciate you all for supporting my community by mentioning Myanmar Muslim related news in your products which are globally popular. In this way, we have certainly got the attention of the international community. It is what we need urgently and essentially at this critical time.

Being a regular online customer, I very often read your web and yesterday, I found a piece of news and video about Myanmar Muslim issue ( However, I felt too unhappy for this news because it includes totally wrong fact that is Shwe Kyi was mentioned to be a Myanmar Muslim activist as well as leader. It is entirely opposite to the real world. In our community, almost all Muslims completely dislike him and accept him as a stupid coward. The one who only knows to make himself popular in all possible ways – either right or wrong is how can be a leader or social activist? May be a so-called one! The true story is that he bowed down to the internationally notorious Buddhist Monk, Wirathu at the time when our brothers from Rakhine and Meikthila were persecuted and terrorized by Buddhist extremist groups and the government could not protect them from those series of attacks at all. I’m sure majority of online Myanmar Muslim users are feeling upset with this news like me. He is neither our leader nor activist! He did nothing for the community.

Thus, may I seriously encourage you all to analyse the facts mentioned in it since I surely worry that the pro-radical groups would take advantage on your good deed of standing for victims and lobbying peace. I’m certain you all will find out some baseless information required to edit after your evaluation.



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