How some Buddhists in Myanmar (Burma) became rude and foolish

Fair Min
15th November 2013

sittwe 2013

It was in the protest against Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) delegates’ visit to Myanmar and its involvement to assist the innocent human beings who have been facing different human rights violations, and “long time planning ethnic cleansing”.

The meaning of the letter in Burmese is “Oppose inhuman doctrine of quick and high breeding Islam” It also means that “Oppose inhuman doctrine (Islam) that has quick and high breeding”. 

Some Myanmar Buddhists including Rakhine became extremely rude, radical after having ethnic and religious nationalism in their hearts for few decades that is not acceptable under domestic laws, and international laws.

Burma (Myanmar) joined United Nations on 19th April, 1948 after its independence. It means that Myanmar (Burma) agreed to follow international laws, procedure of United Nations, and etc. It also means that the people of Myanmar have to obey domestic laws, international laws, and procedure of United Nations.

It also means Myanmar and its people have to obey the laws and regulations of aforementioned organization, and ASEAN since it became a member.

All such organizations introduced Human Rights to all human beings including Myanmar Buddhists monks to be in peace while they are in this planet before they die. It is very simple. Freedom does not mean that the people can express whatever they want unlawfully or which are not allowed by laws.

The so-called religions including Buddhism do not allow the believers to be rude as animal, to disobey the laws and regulations, to break the rules, to disrespect the other human beings, and to violate the others’ rights.

Reciprocally, all the religions/belief prevented the believers from becoming rude, from disobeying the laws and regulations, from breaking the rules, from disrespecting the other human beings, and from violating the rights of others.

There must be “limitation” in every field whatever the people believe and follow. Myanmar people including Buddhist monks must obey the laws and regulations, must respect the other religions/belief, and the rights of others.

All the people in Myanmar must understand Myanmar people especially Buddhists are not the only higher class human beings in this planet.

This photo was downloaded from “Ra Kei Ta” (Rakhine) Youth website.

Fair Min
15th November 2013

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